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Moscow, Raskovoy str., 14

Moscow, Raskovoy str., 14

+7 495 234-44-50

Engineering Design Project Management General Contract

Carte Blanche is an engineering company based on the highest standards of performance and quality. We strive to provide each client with the best services by ensuring that we are on schedule and within budget. We understand value. For one it might be the investment in a well-built house, while for others, value might simply be the pleasure and comfort which fulfills their dreams. We see value as the result of the highest level of service and quality.

Superior quality, expert craftsmanship and dedicated customer service are trademarks of Carte Blanche. You can see the beauty of our detailed work through the enclosed pictures. We take great care in the engineering systems installation so that sometimes you will even not notice them.

When a company has long term relationships with employees, suppliers and subcontractors, a certain rhythm is generated. Everyone speaks the same language, understands the high expectations and the results become "predictably excellent". These shared experiences generate the highest level of coordination, cooperation and craftsmanship, which result in maximum efficiency, quality and speed.

Our methodology sets us apart. Regardless of the size, complexity or design, everyone involved employs our time-tested approach. Our process is designed to capture information which ensures that the lessons learned by some, are shared with all.

We recognize that the success of each project is based on open and clear communication with our clients, partners and consultants involved and we have the legacy of success. Our word is our bond and we will not break it. We recognize success and expect it - everyone has an ongoing commitment to fulfilling that expectation.

For 30 years our mission has been one and the same: to create personalized living environments that our clients are proud to call home.